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Long-term management of the Inflammatory Arthritides.

Long-term management of Inflammatory Arthritis. 

There are many types of inflammatory arthritis, the most well recognised being rheumatoid arthritis and sero-negative inflammatory arthritis (psoriatic arthritis, for example).

Inflammatory arthritis is characterised by the need for long-term treatments with drugs that suppress the immune system (termed disease modifying treatments or DMARDs), such as methotrexate. Many patients also require biologic therapies to manage their arthritis if standard treatments are ineffective.

Rheumatology Manchester are able to initiate, monitor and adjust your DMARD treatments to effectively manage your long-term arthritis and can react quickly if your disease changes.  We liaise closely with your GP and follow national guidance for monitoring any drug therapy prescribed. If necessary, biologic therapies can be initiated and Dr Parker has extensive experience in the safe prescribing of these medicines in his NHS and private practice.

Inflammatory Arthritides (Long-term management of).: Our Services
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