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Diagnosis and management of Osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism.

Osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism.

At Rheumatology Manchester, we offer a full service for the assessment, diagnosis and management of non-inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and soft tissue problems such as bursitis and tendinitis.

As well as causing pain and discomfort, these conditions can present diagnostic challenges to rheumatologists. Access to imaging can be essential and at Spire Manchester all imaging techniques are widely available, working in close collaboration with skilled musculoskeletal radiologists.

Many patients with osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism will benefit from steroid injections, a particular area of expertise for Dr Parker. Spire Manchester also offer access to skilled physiotherapists, occupational therapist and podiatrists, as well as a hydrotherapy pool.

Osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism (Diagnosis and management of): Service
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